Yes Marilyn Putter VS Yes Natalie Putter

Published: 15th June 2010
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Yes Marilyn Putter VS Yes Natalie Putter

Yes Marilyn Putter=

The C-Groove Marilyn model is a mallet-style putter made of 304 stainless steel. It features a compact mallet head that is face-balanced and perimeter weighted.

1. Used by YES! Staff player Laura Davies.

2. Three Sight lines for easy alignment.

3. 340 gram head weight; Loft: 2.5 degrees; Lie: 72 degrees std. (2 degrees flat or 2 degrees upright also available)

4. Double bend steel shaft

5. Titanium carbon finish

6. Available in RH or LH models, shaft lengths 32" to 37"

7. Custom fitted head cover

8. Available in Pink

Yes Natalie Putter=

Balanced putter with an extra wide face and an extra long sight-line.


1. Standard Length: 32" to 37" (355 gram head weight; center-shafted)

2. Belly Length: 40" to 45" (390 gram head weight; center-shafted)

3. Long Length: 45" to 50" (500 gram head weight; center-shafted)

4. Titanium carbon finish

5. Available in RH or LH models, shaft lengths 32" to 37" and custom belly and long lengths

6. Custom fitted head cover

7. The standard lie angle for the Belly putters is 72 degrees.

8. The standard lie angle for the Long putters is 79 degrees

Yes Putter Review

Yes Putters were started in the late nineties, when the "Putting Doctor" himself, Harold Swash, created the first C-Groove putter prototype. Swash has coached several PGA pros, including Nick Faldo, Paul Azinger and Bernhard Langer, and so it goes without saying that he knows a thing or two about putting, including what makes a great golf putter. Using specially cut concentric grooves positioned at precise angles to the putter head, Yes C-Groove putters incorporate a fine-tuned technology to help grip the golf ball while simultaneously lifting the ball to produce a true, forward-rolling motion (cheap golf clubs ).

In fact, the forward roll has been shown to be six times greater than the roll produced by other putters. The result is a putt with minimized skidding, sliding, hopping and back spinning. Yes putters have been independently tested for their consistency in distance and accuracy, which they passed with flying colors. Furthermore, even for off-centered putts, Yes putters were shown to produce least variation in directional line than other putters.

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