Why So Many Golfers Choose Mizuno MP68 Irons?

Published: 20th May 2010
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Why So Many Golfers Choose Mizuno MP68 Irons?

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The new MP-68 Blade moves away from the cut muscle design that the MP-67 had and resembles the MP-37 with the muscle back developing from the toe area. The muscle back lines and edges however are smoother on the MP-68 than the MP-37 and some in Japan have said it reminds them of the classic MP-14 with its curved muscle back and sharp toe. Mizuno has also followed suit with its 2009 design guidlines by placing the running bird logo on the sole and the model MP-68 with new MP logo in the toe corner. The 0verall head and face is very compact and coupled with the thick muscle provide the purest feel of any Mizuno grain flow forged blade (cheap golf clubs= http://www.ordergolfonline.com/product-105-mizuno-mp68-irons ).

For the last several years pre release Mizuno head only sets have popped up far before the official release date. They look perfect to the untrained eye but when put on the scale the head weights are off and the hosel size often appears to be over or undersized. This has been the unfortunate case for many of Mizuno's MP models in recent years but its a consistent pattern. Right now there are sets on ebay and in certain forums of possible fakes. Im sure if you contact Mizuno they will say these are not Mizuno authorized products. This confuses us because we have been under the impression for many years that Mizuno Irons( http://www.ordergolfonline.com/product-105-mizuno-mp68-irons )were made in the Chuo factory in Japan yet the origin of these imposters are Taiwan & Hong Kong

It's a classic look. The heads are small, particularly the pitching wedge (scaled down considerably to be a real 'scoring' wedge), the leading edges beautifully square and the topline thin. The Mizuno MP-68 looks like the real deal and plays like it too. Feel at impact can only be described as soft. It's lovely, and with a repeatable swing the feedback is quite superb. You know exactly how you've hit each shot, and there is certainly no disguising a poorly-struck effort. Not that there are too many of those, thanks to the cleverly tweaked sole. The leading and trailing edges have been rolled while the midsole has been flattened. It sounds a little complicated but it essentially means that the way the club make contact with the turf (known as 'interaction' in the trade) has been analysed so that any drag on the ground is minimized (cheap golf clubs).

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