Srixon XX10 Driver + Srixon XX10 Fairway Wood

Published: 02nd June 2010
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Srixon XX10 Driver + Srixon XX10 Fairway Wood

Srixon XX10 Driver=

1. Highest and widest repulsion area in XXIO history for greater ball flight. New thick-wall face structure expands repulsion area by 35% from conventional model
2. Lower and deeper centre-of-gravity, high ball launch and low spin. Maraging steel body + combined structure of thin wall crown and 15-3-3-3 titanium
3. Increased head speed for greater carry distance. Newly designed club shaft absorbs crush deformation near the grip
4. Easy to address the ball and follow through

As a previous owner of several Srixon XX10 drivers, I can vouch for its capacity for 'bombing'. The ball flight is not as high as some other drivers, but it fires a golf ball like a bullet and plenty of run certainly helps when you don't get all of it off the clubface. But where once it was a little wild, careful engineering has helped to eliminate those epic raids into unseen areas of the golf course. That means paying close attention to the bulge and roll radius of the face and adding weight to the heel to help counteract the dreaded slice.

Welcome as that aspect of the design might be, though, people don't buy the Srixon XX10 Driver if their natural instinct is the safe option. They want a driver to go long, and to that end it delivers. A whopping 45.75 inch shaft generates the clubhead speed needed for monster drives while an ultra-light and explosive face pings the ball into the stratosphere with amazing ease.

The Srixon XX10's other trick is the combination of impossibly thin crown (just .45mm) and lower centre of gravity which together produce a higher launch angle with less spin. That, as we are constantly reminded by manufacturers, is the secret of long drives.

Srixon XX10 Fairway Wood=

The Srixon XXIO fairway woods are new for 2009 and are designed with Srixon's unique 'Power Charge' technology concept that combines power from the face, body and shaft of the club to deliver a higher ball flight, consistency of direction and of course increased distance. The Srixon XXIO is a classic looking fairway wood that sits beautifully at address to give all golfers confidence.

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