2009 Callaway Legacy Aero Driver + Callaway Legacy Aero Fairway Wood

Published: 01st June 2010
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2009 Callaway Legacy Aero Driver + Callaway Legacy Aero Fairway Wood

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Callaway Japan introduces the all new Legacy Aero driver for 2009. Redesigning last years best selling and amazing feeling Legacy driver. Callaway knew it would have to come up with something special after the success of the previous version.

The new Legacy Aero uses an all new High Intensity ELF Titanium which produces super high ball speeds and an exhilarating sound at impact. A brand new lightweight Hyperbolic face allows the CG to be placed low and deep. The Aero is designed to be low spin and minimal energy loss for maximum carry (cheap golf clubs). The shallow back design is what reduces the amount of spin and creates a strong penetrating trajectory. The large head area provides a sense of security and the unique shape features 24g of weight towards the heel to help square the head at impact.

In the U.S. we saw Callaway release the Hyper-X drivers and they saw big sales as it was the first driver to introduce us to Hyperbolic Face Technology. Now the new Callaway FT-9 and they have added the Hyperbolic (cheap golf clubs) face to these also. The Legacy Aero seems to be a combination of the FT-9 and Hyper-X drivers which is starting to create a lot of buzz in the states.

The Legacy is only available in Japan and it is becoming quite sought after in the states. It comes with the i-Mix head or a regular shafted version and the shaft options are top of the line. The Aero comes stock with the Callaway

Speed Amorphous shaft in 45 or 46" lengths. If you are one of the U.S. golfers to order one, the upgraded shafts you get to choose from are are the Fujikura Rombax 6F09, Graphite Design Tour AD EV-6, and Diamana Kai'li. These shafts are pictured below. All three are considered low torque control shafts with awesome performance and great for the more aggressive swinger

2009 Callaway Legacy Aero Fairway Wood= http://www.ordergolfonline.com/product-269-2009-callaway-legacy-aero-driver-fairway-wood

Callaway Japan introduces their all new Legacy Aero fairway wood, an all stainless high MOI style fairway wood with a ballistic design. The Legacy features a super thin 2mm high strength 455 stainless face for a solid feel and high ball speeds. The shallow face and deep stretched head create an optimal center of gravity, low and deep. The shallow back design makes it easy to raise the ball in the air with an optimal amount of spin for maximum carry. The high MOI hed reduces distance loss on off center hits and the Aero's unique shape, convex heel, make it easy to square up to the ball.

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